Saturday, September 24, 2011

Project Runway Episode Who Cares Recap

Hello there fellow fashion lovers.
It's Thursday. And honestly, who cares? I am so not into this season.
BUT I do have some juicy gossip! Right from Blogging Life. I attended an event with Laura Kathleen! I asked her if she makes it, and she informed me that there is a disclaimer preventing her from saying. But she burst into tears saying it! So obviously she is either upset because she did NOT make it, or sad because she made it and can't sat. Hmmm...keep speculating readers!
Anyways, for the mediocre talent they have hired a mediocre band called The Sheepdogs who play mediocre 70s music and will be featured in a mediocre advertorial in Rolling Stone and Marie Claire in the winner's design. Mediocre.
Anyways, it's ANOTHER team challenge. Because when you have a bunch of boring people, splitting them into two teams of boring people makes it soooo much more interesting.
And yes, it is menswear. Being able to design menswear is a crucial talent on a womenswear show, according to Heidi Klum. She also enjoys seeing small children cry.
This is Olivier
Olivier is from here
Olivier is the only one who has any experience in menswear. But, awww, poor kid got someone who doesn't look like they are dying from anorexia like him!
I feel like they could write a picture book about Olivier.
But he talks like he's from here.
Olivier does not like tits.

Or fat people

I think that one would be pretty popular with the kids, huh?
Anyways, so I'm not gonna pretend I paid any attention to the episode...So it's runway time!
It was one bad look after the other. They were all too gay, too country, and too simple.
They gave the win to Viktor and some fringey leather number.
And sent our little hero Olivier packing.
Perhaps at home he will recover from his titophobia. Or rather, his scaredofanyfattytissueophobia.
I'll miss his hair the most.

Until we sort-of-watch this half-baked season next time.
Love always,
Blogging Life #wishiniwasablondeasianBITCHES

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Girl

She's starting up blogging another showww.
Whose that girl?
It's Blogging Life.

Hello everyone and welcome to a peek into my obsession with Zooey Deschanel.
I adore everything that has to do with her band She & Him. (PLEASE look them up!!)
I adore her movies, her voice, her sister's television her show, her husband's band...Basically, I'm a Zooeyholic.
I guess that's what made the show so delightful.
The premise is a recently single girl moving in with three men. The three men are okay. Their material is actually rather funny, they're just so stiff when they deliver it.
What truly makes the show is Zooey and her clothes and her little froggy voice.
The show was cute. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not going to make you cry, I will tell you that now. Or appreciate life or take a different outlook on it. It's gonna make you smile and say: "Awww, Zooey is sooo cute!"
So this show is for Zooey fans only!
And if you haven't seen it...well, actually, you probably have! There's not a scene that wasn't in a commercial.

Blogging Life Deschanel <3 (Someday)

Changes Coming to Blogging Life

Well hey there!
Fall Premiers are upon us. Here's what I'll be watching and recapping:
GOSSIP GIRL...Mondays at 9/Recaps by Thursday
GLEE...Tuesdays at 7/Recap up by Thursday
NEW GIRL...Tuesdays at 8/Recaps up by Thursday or Friday
AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL...Wednesdays at 8/Recaps up by Saturday or Sunday
PROJECT RUNWAY...Thursdays at 8/Recaps up by Saturday and featured Sunday mornings on

Shows I also enjoy and may recap from time to time if inspired to:
Dancing with the Stars
Dance Moms
Teen Mom
Jersey Shore
Keeping up with the Kardashians

If there are any shows you want me to recap OR any recaps of YOURS you would like me to feature, please comment below.
Since I am taking on SO many shows, it may be possible I will fall behind or drop a few along the way. I have a lot of schoolwork (college is hard, kids!) but if there is any shows you would like me to prioritize make sure to tell me!

Blogging Life, Blogging More

Glee Season 3 Episode 1 RECAP

Hello faithful followers!
Sorry about my long absence...but never fear! The return of Project Runway blogging starts...well, tonight!
But there's something even MORE exciting than Tim in a tie coming up...Fall Premiers! Finally, something to blog about! Check out my post on the shows I will be recapping and reviewing for more fun with Blogging Life!

Anyways, so Glee has finally returned! May I just say, there is no one in the world (yes, world) that is a bigger Glee fan than me. I shake when the show is on. I own every song. My walls are littered in posters of the cast. I have shirts and karaoke, every single episode ever released, and have had a countdown for the premier since, well...since May! If you're a Gleek such as myself, you might want to check out's where I keep up with every Glee related anything, and yes I visit that sight more than Facebook. Which I visit every day. Oh shit I need a life.
Anyways, the show starts out with distinguishing whose a senior and whose a junior. And if you want to know who is which, think of every character you like (Kurt). Yup, they're seniors. Now think of every character who is always stealing precious screen time with a half baked plot line. They're the juniors. Who else is feeling the class of 2012 way more than 2013?
Sam has moved to Ohio and the whole "secret relationship" plot that never happened...wait, what plot? Oh, I forgot.
As for the fat-girl-that's-not-Mercedes (FGTNM) that was dating Puck, well she's out too. And nobody cares about either of them.
Also missing is Quinn, who is dawning pink hair, an ironic tattoo of Ryan Seacrest (harharhar, only three gay men can come up with classics such as this) (I'm kidding, in case you didn't notice), a nose ring, a bare midriff, a long skirt, and a man voice. Did you know that not ONLY was she formally the ugly Lucy Quinn Fabray with the crooked nose and muffin top, but she was also a man? Yeah I didn't. Either way, I would go lesbian for Dianna Agron in any vintage pair of heels or bad ass LBD.
Will and Emma are dating (who cares?) and Sue is running for Congress (who cares?).
Now here is what everyone cares about:
The kids!!! (Kurt) Their assignment this week is to spontaenously burst into song whenever they see a purple piano. Well then.

And they first get the chance in the lunchroom. But we'll get to the songs later.
Santana has to co-captain with Becky and she is pissed. And then gets kicked out of the Glee Club.
Kurt and Rachel head over to look at their opponents to getting into some New York Arts school and spend an hour crying about it in the car, before doing the Gay High Five which makes everything better (anything entitled "The Gay High Five" can make anyone feel better).
And there's a new girl, Sugar Motta, who was funny as hell with a voice I could listen to all day long. And a new guy, Mercedes has found herself a huge, black, sweet talking boyfriend. Wow, Ryan Murphey, way to show off some diversity! Casting Mercedes boyfriend, I can just imagine the poster:
Some black guy
Requirements: He must be black

Come, on RM! I hope that he gets a personality at least...

And Blaine has transferred to McKinley. More importantly, outside the Warbler uniform he's a total prep. Cuteness!
Now time for the Song Recaps:
We Got the Beat
80s bullshit. Sometimes Glee vocals just come out sounding...thin. When Lea Michele isn't belting her voice is sparse and like a high pitched beeping noise on some soapy pop stuff. This really wasn't my favorite. GRADE: C
Ding Dong The Wicked Witch is Dead
It's a Hummelberry duet. That involved Wicked. And jazz. And Lea Michele singing in a raspy Amy Winehouse esque whisper: Get outta that bed (listen to it it's all you'll hear! You're welcome.) Fucking fantastic. GRADE: A
Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do
It's Lindsay from the Glee Project! Okay, she's gorgeous, but she can't act. The scene is kind of overly hyped up and exaggerated until she sings. And damn can that girl sing! The song didn't really showcase her belting but it was enjoyable and cute. GRADE: A-
It's Not Unusual
Klaine. Anything having to pertain to Kurt. Blaine is dressed adorably, shaking his Pom Poms with the Cheerios. It's jazzy and Darren Criss could sing the phone book (hello American Idol saying). GRADE: B+
You Can't Stop the Beat 
This almost turned into another thin version of the original like the other beat song, but their energy and just the rush of Glee being back saved it. GRADE: B-

Overall Recap: Solid return, much better than Season 2. Set up a lot of interesting plot lines.
Next Week: Kiss? Please?
Overall Grade: A-

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 7 Recap

Annnddd it's another team challenge.
Anyone starting to wonder what their individual aesthetics look like?
It's the classic Project Runway formula episode. HP Touch Smart Advertising+ Creating their own Textile+Teams. Let's see how many people we can make cry!
The teams are as follows:
Team Chaos (yeah...why?):
Anthony Ryan, Anya, Viktor, Olivier, and Bryce
Team Nuts and Bolts:
Joshua M., Laura, Kim, Becky, and Bert

So I don't know quite what happened there, so let's refer to our recipe for disaster:
8 Cups of Team Challenges
1/2 Cup of No Team Leaders
1 Cup of No Team Leaders with Joshua on your Team
5 Cups of a Dead Mother's Birthday
A Pinch of Curse words
9 Clocks, Minced
1 Extremely Gay Shirt
Bake time: 90 Minutes
Serves: Four, so someone's not eating and better get their ass of the runway

But I'm getting ahead of myself.
So Team Perfect is perfect and I kind of hate all of them despite myself.
Meanwhile, Team Nuts and Bolts is full of a bunch of nuts and bolts. Joshua clearly enjoys beating old people up, so this time he is after Bert.
Bert is mumbling to himself again (get the man help) and Joshua is unhappy when he cursed. Was it just me or did Joshua say "fuck damn" earlier? Maybe it was just me.
"I'm going to need you to back up," Joshua says heatedly to Bert as he steps forward. I mean, he's a pretty intimidating guy. He may poke you with a cane, or jiggle his pot belly, or die, y'know?
Joshua storms out and Laura is quick on his heels. The two talents of the team sit together and work it out. It turns out that Joshua's (who, by the way, is still my favorite) mother died two years ago, which he mentioned last episode, but her birthday is coming up. Since it was just two years ago, it is quite possible this is the first birthday he is celebrating without her.
There's something about Joshua that makes me want to leap through the television and give him a hug. I mean, he's so transparent. He tries so hard to put up this bitchy facade but we can all tell he's just a little boy that misses his mother. I don't care what anyone says, Joshua for the win!

Anyways, out of this whole mess comes the "Inspiration" of clocks. And they are painting gears and numbers onto their patterns. Clever.
Team Perfect isn't much better, either. God knows what they are inspired by, but they have some hella cute prints and they have all made it a point to work together like little angels, as if to exasperate Nuts and Bolts.
"I just love the smell of fabric in the morning," remarks Anya.
"I just adore making a Southern Accent gay," says Anthony Ryan.
"MY MOTHER JUST DIED," yells Joshua.
"I'm a blonde gaysian, as happy as can be," whistles Olivier.
*Becky stare*

On the runway, Team Nuts and Bolts pieces are like a stale clock (yup, couldn't come up with any clock puns).
On the other hand, Team Perfect has turned out some cute stuff but I want to hate it since I kind of hate how well everything is working out for them.
Anya is given the win, pretty much because she deserved it a while ago even though her stuff wasn't as good as Viktor or Olivier's.
And Becky is (finally) sent packing.
I would put together a compilation of Becky stares, but let's be real. That's way too much effort.

So here's our life lesson, kids: You stare you loose. And don't try to be a bitchy queen and a sad little motherless orphan man because it makes me sad.

Next week: More team challenges?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 6 RECAP

Greetings from a lovely, lakey VACATION!!!

This week, Heidi is sending the kids back to school! The Harlem School of Arts, to be more specific.
Their challenge is to design an avante garde look based off on a painting made by the designer and a student. They have been given two days, so they better WERK.
The kids are super adorable, the highlight of the pairings being Olivier's partner asking him if he listened to music, to which he responded: "I like really depressing music."
"So no Rebecca Black?" responded his student, Tonyalee.
The paintings are surprisingly all very, very good. Some better than others, but on the whole, really better than I expected.
"I am not organic, I like things that are FAKE," proclaims Joshua as he tries to find inspiration in his painting. I mean, can he be any better?
At Mood, everyone is getting lots, and LOTS of fabric. Olivier is purchasing chiffon which he has never worked with before, Joshua is "loving", and Josh is using fur (cue shot of Swatch). Once again, Swatch/Tim spin-off please?
Viktor is turning himself into the enemy of the show! Not only has he repeatedly complained about how much he does not want to have kids, he has now decided he is Tim Gunn and is critiquing everyone's outfit. Ugh!
Oh no! Joshua M. is doing the sob story. He lost his Mom two years ago to ovarian cancer. OH NO. Okay a.) that is horribly sad and the poor thing! and b.) sob story=going home. Not my baby!
Laura Kathleen used to burn Barbies. Now she just wants to be one. Umm.
On more of the note of death, Bert has been widowed.
Wow, just mention artists and these people are spilling their life stories like crazy!
Runway time.
The top three are Joshua M., Anthony Ryan (why do we always say Anthony Ryan? Is that his first and last name or like a double name kinda thing?), and Laura Kathleen.
Joshua M.-I absolutely adored Joshua M.'s was another one of his circle skirts made of Neoprene which he painted a tree pattern on and then carved the initials of him and his mother into it. Like The Giving Tree. And he didn't even use his mother's death as a watery excuse on the runway to win. Yeah, Joshua! I believe he got second, I wouldn't know though because Lifetime has SERIOUS ISSUES WITH IT'S VIDEOS.
Anthony Ryan-I thought this piece was very, very cool. To me it look like lots of different colorful mouse cursors. I have a few hairs to pick: First of all, this is the second time he has done one of his collars, where he has tons of small applique detail creating like an Edwardian color. And second, I agreed with the guest judge in how poorly it was constructed. But the idea was just sooo cool...I mean, it really is MAJOR hit or MAJOR miss with him.
Laura Kathleen-I really didn't like this look...It was kinda fairy-ish and too light and airy for me, not enough of a solid statement. Just yellow and tea-party-ish. Definitely safe for me.

Did anyone else notice the Top 3 today looks like it's going to be the Top 3 overall?

Bottom 3

Olivier-Olivier's drab olive color pallet taste did not pay off he and he was not ambitious and did not have time to finish. I think he's very good, but just very good at what he does.
Josh-I actually think that Josh's first outfit was very cool, but he allowed other's opinions to get to him and made some nasty-ass hooker wear. It wasn't awful, but he always has that simplicity, not-quite-enough thing going. I say send him home...again.
Bert-Bert tried to go all Mondo and made some ridiculous diaper high-waisted pant with all these numb-numbs glued all over it. The thing literally made me laugh when I looked at it. It was like a baby in a diaper rolled around in their clothes.

Once again, after some nice Viktor foreshadowing ("I secretly love Bert's outfit) Bert avoids the axe and Josh C is sent packing...again.
This challenge, I think, was very, very good.
Sorry...better, funnier recap to come next week when I'm not on VACATION.

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