Saturday, September 24, 2011

Project Runway Episode Who Cares Recap

Hello there fellow fashion lovers.
It's Thursday. And honestly, who cares? I am so not into this season.
BUT I do have some juicy gossip! Right from Blogging Life. I attended an event with Laura Kathleen! I asked her if she makes it, and she informed me that there is a disclaimer preventing her from saying. But she burst into tears saying it! So obviously she is either upset because she did NOT make it, or sad because she made it and can't sat. Hmmm...keep speculating readers!
Anyways, for the mediocre talent they have hired a mediocre band called The Sheepdogs who play mediocre 70s music and will be featured in a mediocre advertorial in Rolling Stone and Marie Claire in the winner's design. Mediocre.
Anyways, it's ANOTHER team challenge. Because when you have a bunch of boring people, splitting them into two teams of boring people makes it soooo much more interesting.
And yes, it is menswear. Being able to design menswear is a crucial talent on a womenswear show, according to Heidi Klum. She also enjoys seeing small children cry.
This is Olivier
Olivier is from here
Olivier is the only one who has any experience in menswear. But, awww, poor kid got someone who doesn't look like they are dying from anorexia like him!
I feel like they could write a picture book about Olivier.
But he talks like he's from here.
Olivier does not like tits.

Or fat people

I think that one would be pretty popular with the kids, huh?
Anyways, so I'm not gonna pretend I paid any attention to the episode...So it's runway time!
It was one bad look after the other. They were all too gay, too country, and too simple.
They gave the win to Viktor and some fringey leather number.
And sent our little hero Olivier packing.
Perhaps at home he will recover from his titophobia. Or rather, his scaredofanyfattytissueophobia.
I'll miss his hair the most.

Until we sort-of-watch this half-baked season next time.
Love always,
Blogging Life #wishiniwasablondeasianBITCHES

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