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Project Runway Season 9 Episode 6 RECAP

Greetings from a lovely, lakey VACATION!!!

This week, Heidi is sending the kids back to school! The Harlem School of Arts, to be more specific.
Their challenge is to design an avante garde look based off on a painting made by the designer and a student. They have been given two days, so they better WERK.
The kids are super adorable, the highlight of the pairings being Olivier's partner asking him if he listened to music, to which he responded: "I like really depressing music."
"So no Rebecca Black?" responded his student, Tonyalee.
The paintings are surprisingly all very, very good. Some better than others, but on the whole, really better than I expected.
"I am not organic, I like things that are FAKE," proclaims Joshua as he tries to find inspiration in his painting. I mean, can he be any better?
At Mood, everyone is getting lots, and LOTS of fabric. Olivier is purchasing chiffon which he has never worked with before, Joshua is "loving", and Josh is using fur (cue shot of Swatch). Once again, Swatch/Tim spin-off please?
Viktor is turning himself into the enemy of the show! Not only has he repeatedly complained about how much he does not want to have kids, he has now decided he is Tim Gunn and is critiquing everyone's outfit. Ugh!
Oh no! Joshua M. is doing the sob story. He lost his Mom two years ago to ovarian cancer. OH NO. Okay a.) that is horribly sad and the poor thing! and b.) sob story=going home. Not my baby!
Laura Kathleen used to burn Barbies. Now she just wants to be one. Umm.
On more of the note of death, Bert has been widowed.
Wow, just mention artists and these people are spilling their life stories like crazy!
Runway time.
The top three are Joshua M., Anthony Ryan (why do we always say Anthony Ryan? Is that his first and last name or like a double name kinda thing?), and Laura Kathleen.
Joshua M.-I absolutely adored Joshua M.'s was another one of his circle skirts made of Neoprene which he painted a tree pattern on and then carved the initials of him and his mother into it. Like The Giving Tree. And he didn't even use his mother's death as a watery excuse on the runway to win. Yeah, Joshua! I believe he got second, I wouldn't know though because Lifetime has SERIOUS ISSUES WITH IT'S VIDEOS.
Anthony Ryan-I thought this piece was very, very cool. To me it look like lots of different colorful mouse cursors. I have a few hairs to pick: First of all, this is the second time he has done one of his collars, where he has tons of small applique detail creating like an Edwardian color. And second, I agreed with the guest judge in how poorly it was constructed. But the idea was just sooo cool...I mean, it really is MAJOR hit or MAJOR miss with him.
Laura Kathleen-I really didn't like this look...It was kinda fairy-ish and too light and airy for me, not enough of a solid statement. Just yellow and tea-party-ish. Definitely safe for me.

Did anyone else notice the Top 3 today looks like it's going to be the Top 3 overall?

Bottom 3

Olivier-Olivier's drab olive color pallet taste did not pay off he and he was not ambitious and did not have time to finish. I think he's very good, but just very good at what he does.
Josh-I actually think that Josh's first outfit was very cool, but he allowed other's opinions to get to him and made some nasty-ass hooker wear. It wasn't awful, but he always has that simplicity, not-quite-enough thing going. I say send him home...again.
Bert-Bert tried to go all Mondo and made some ridiculous diaper high-waisted pant with all these numb-numbs glued all over it. The thing literally made me laugh when I looked at it. It was like a baby in a diaper rolled around in their clothes.

Once again, after some nice Viktor foreshadowing ("I secretly love Bert's outfit) Bert avoids the axe and Josh C is sent packing...again.
This challenge, I think, was very, very good.
Sorry...better, funnier recap to come next week when I'm not on VACATION.

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