Thursday, September 22, 2011

Changes Coming to Blogging Life

Well hey there!
Fall Premiers are upon us. Here's what I'll be watching and recapping:
GOSSIP GIRL...Mondays at 9/Recaps by Thursday
GLEE...Tuesdays at 7/Recap up by Thursday
NEW GIRL...Tuesdays at 8/Recaps up by Thursday or Friday
AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL...Wednesdays at 8/Recaps up by Saturday or Sunday
PROJECT RUNWAY...Thursdays at 8/Recaps up by Saturday and featured Sunday mornings on

Shows I also enjoy and may recap from time to time if inspired to:
Dancing with the Stars
Dance Moms
Teen Mom
Jersey Shore
Keeping up with the Kardashians

If there are any shows you want me to recap OR any recaps of YOURS you would like me to feature, please comment below.
Since I am taking on SO many shows, it may be possible I will fall behind or drop a few along the way. I have a lot of schoolwork (college is hard, kids!) but if there is any shows you would like me to prioritize make sure to tell me!

Blogging Life, Blogging More

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