Saturday, October 1, 2011

Project Runway Episode 9 Recap

Can we just call Project Runway "That 70's Show" and get it over with?
Just kidding...but this weeks challenged was 70s themed...again!
It's almost like the producers knew how badly they were going to fail at 70s wear last challenge...oh wait, they did, because it was menswear!
But what started out as a chance to redeem themselves turned into quite the pressure cooker for Anya, who lost her money at Mood! She scoured the aisles, but it was no where to be found.
Who thinks that the producers intentionally stole it to see how perfect Anya really is? Well, if they did, her beauty queen-ness prevailed once again. After shedding a few delicate tears, she scrapped together Anthony Ryan's extra $11.50 and bought a few yards of a print fabric. No cursing. No yelling. Why is so perfect? Can I please have her side-head-shaved babies?
So Anya can only use this and muslin.
But the producers cannot screw their accented Trindadian baby that long. So Tim tells the designers they have to make another 70s look, and that they can return to Mood to purchase the necessary fabric. Yeah for Anya, Boo for everyone else. But that's kind of how this season is, right?
Anya and Kimberly are sewing down until Tim Gunn's last glasses-at-the-tip-of-the-nose discerning look.
Runway time! No cute Adam/Joshua sexual tension on the runway tonight. Booooo.
The winner is Miss Anya, who turns out two wide-legged pants perfectly adequate looks. Like all of Anya's work, they commend her for being good on her own merits.
"I can't believe you did this okay because _____________"
A.) You just learned to sew
B.) You had $11.50
C.) You can't speak English
The bottom two consist of Joshua and Anthony. Oh no, my two favorites! Anthony made an awkward dress that is super confusing and some other thing I forgot, and Anthony Ryan made a God awful pink and black blouse paired with plaid pants, that looks very, very much like a grandmother who rides horses trying to look hip.
I think this bottom two was sooo wrong...Anthony Ryan and Joshua are two of the best in the competition. I thought Joshua was going to be sent home because he totally un-redeemed himself in his bitchy hissy fit back stage. But instead it's cutie pie Anthony Ryan. Who is Heidi going to German/gay man rape now???
Tim reminds us that things are going to be tough from now on.
But personally, I feel like it's going to be hard because they all have equal and mediocre talent. Which will be hard to watch.

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