Saturday, October 29, 2011

Project Runway Finale Part 2

Well here we are.
It is actually--no ACTUALLY--the finale of Project Runway.
Yes, the moment all of us have been waiting for. When we can stop giving up our 90 minutes of Thursdays out of pure sentiment and HOPE that this season would get better.
Well guess what, kids, it didn't.
Not that any of us were watching, anyways. Anyone heard of the World fucking Series? Well I have. #CardinalNation, bitchesssss.

Anyways, about how much this season sucked:
In fact, the clothing were so bad that Tim Gunn literally told half of them to redo pretty much the whole collection. He sent them all to Mood for fabric--but not for the classic "twist" 13th look, but rather to try and remake their collections.
Anya is the one who really needs this (let's just rename this show the "Surprise Trips to Mood to Benefit Anya") since her collection was pretty much eaten on the Runway. And rightfully so, those clothes looked like tropical shit.
So while Anya is trying to recreate her collection, Kimberly is wasting a lot of time trying to make a really ugly skirt just ugly in black. And she can't even do that. Tim's plea that the skirt looks stapled together falls upon deaf ears. That skirt was one tortured motherfucker.
Viktor is trying to perfect his collection. He doesn't like some of his prints and is planning on taking them all out and redoing a lot of his collection in a leopard print sheer. Ruh roh.
Tim is worried for Joshua who seems to be changing the whole direction of his collection. I'm worried because he's making some slutty Halloween lookin lace-up shorts shorts in neon green. Which is more strip club than fashion week.
But since when has style had ANYTHING to do with this season?
It's runway time. Wah wah wah.
Here's a guideline to writing your VERY own cry-speech before fashion week:
"{Insert something corny about how you can "almost taste it"} {choke on a sob} {talk about how being poor or loosing someone is why you should win} {start to cry} {say you want it more than everyone else} {say how devestated you would be to loose} {say something selfless about how you "want it for your dead brother or your hometown or you uncle's pig Charlie because he never gets anything but seconds in his life} {conclude by saying that you've done what you've done and something corny like "I hope it's enough!"}."
Example (Kimberly): "I'm so close I can almost taste it. I want this for my mom and for my brother, I want this more than everyone else. They don't understand what it's like to be from nothing. I don't even know what I'd do if I loose this. It's not about me anymore it's about representing Brooklyn and my family. But, you know I've done what I did and I just hope it's enough."
Example (Viktor): "It's just the door is wide open right in my face and could smack shut any second. I don't just want this for me, but for my brother too and to support my family. I just can't even imagine loosing at this point. It's not about me it's about Mexico and it's about my brother. And I only hope that I do them proud. Oh my lord of the RANNNGGSSSS."

Bam. You can be on Project Runway too.
Anyways, it's collection time.
Josh's is a mix of hits and misses. It's a blur or blacks and crazy prints and every type of garment known to man and I'm just not sure if there was any cohesion. It is edited, though (for him), and I commend his variety. And there are ideas. LOT'S of ideas.
Anya's is straight tropical Skittle explosion from the minute it hits the Runway. The first looks is absolutely gorgeous. There is an easiness but a sophisticated easiness I like. But everything has the same neckline. And there is no shock factor. Flowy look followed by another flowy look followed by a bathing suit underneath a flowy look. No pants, no jackets, no nothing. Congratulations, Anya, on giving the judges JUST what they wanted from you.
Viktor's first look is fucking boss. I quite like his collection, even though he felt the need to destroy some of the best looks before pretty much just to show he can. Unlike the judge's, I do like the sheer. It's very in right now. Grab a pair of boots, low-rider jeans, a sheer top and a bandeau bra and you can hit any summer day, club, or date. I love the prints and appreciate the sheer, over all it was a pretty glammerific collection.
Kimberly's was one I couldn't decide on. I absolutely adored everything but I couldn't quite tell if the simplicity made it fashion or Wallmart. The simple shapes and bright colors were hot, street, and sexy, but also rather retail. I can see everyone of her outfits selling (I call the pinstripe crop top with the bow in the back) and I really liked the street vibe. I missed the bangles, not gonna lie, but that could be my Jersey side talking.

Now they're back on the Runway with a guest judge no one has heard of.

They pretty much rule Kimberly and Viktor out in the deliberation, which makes me mad because they were my favorites.
On the runway, it comes down to Anya and Josh.
And since last year the villian won, Anya is the crowned the Season 9 Champ.
Who didn't see this coming from the first episode?
Was it rigged? Yes.
Was her collection great? No.
But did she deserve the crown? I guess.

Congrats to Anya. She's absolutely beautiful and extremely talented, and most importantly: she gave the judges EXACTLY what they wanted.

See you all for All-Stars. Maybe the contestents will have some personality.

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