Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Asian F GleeCap

Helllllo there Gleeks!
This week, we got Ryan Murphey has been promising us (but no one really cared about...): development of second tier characters. Yeah. Whoopee. Personally, I found Mike's character all the more dynamic when he was "Other Asian." Because, really, he's an Asian kid with a pipe dream going again overbearing Mom's and Dad's wishes. Has that been done before? I'm not sure. In the end, his mother melts into tears and promising to help him achieve his goals as a dancer. Yeahhh. Awww. Tiger Moms turn out to be kitties. But I mean, once again, RM does a whole story arch in one episode instead of one...why not wait for him to win over the Mom or something for a few episodes? Why was that so damn easy?
OKAY. Rant (about Mike Chang) closed.
Also in this episode, Mercedes because Diva x 1,000,000. If you thought she was diva-licious before, she is even more diva-licious now. She is showing up late for Booty Camp (harharhar, Will Shuester, you are so very clever) and showing just general attitude. To play the devil's advocate, it is true that she has just as much talent as Rachel, and it is true that they never utilize or realize that.
Mercedes and Rachel have a showdown for the part of Maria. Bieste, Emma, and Arty cannot make a decision, so they double cast them. But Mercedes and her big head can't take it, so she quits the musical and the Glee Club and goes and signs her soul away to Shelbey, Sugar, and the Shitty Show Choir.
Dayummm there are like three people left in Glee Club! Well, Santana is somehow back (missed that plot point...) and Quinn is back, dressing like a suburban mom on her way to the tennis court.
Brittney's campaign for Class President is up and running with a delightful rendition of Who Run's the World (Girls). She can't sing. But she can dance.
Rachel, desperate for the feeling of winning, decides to throw her hat in the ring too. But Finn is not sure who he will vote for...his demanding girlfriend, or his flamboyant brother?
Speaking of his flamboyant brother, Kurt delivers Blaine a handful of flowers on the prison steps of their school and tells him he support his auditioning for Tony in the play. Cop out. I guess Kurt's maturing, but then why have the whole dramatic cliffhanger at the end of last episode? And also, WHY NO KISS? I know they were embarrassed and shit, so find some place in private for them to kiss. Cuz some of us fangirls can't wait much longer.
Final plot point is Will Shuester. And I saved this rant for last. So, Emma does not want Will to meet her parents. But his sorry ass thinks that that means they are not in a relationship or some shit. So his ass dials them up and SURPRISES his OCD (note the bold) girlfriend with her parents that she hates at her dinner table after a hard day at work. Her parents turn out to "Ginger Supremacists" (Haha...wait no). And they make Emma incredibly nervous and call her "Freaky Deaky" or something. Point taken. Her parents are complete asses. But at the same time, what RIGHT did Scheuster have to call them out? Or what right does he had to call Mercedes out, or make a petty comment about Beaste's weight...Shuester's character pisses me the fuck off. He think he's so noble and that he's so cool and kind, but he's one of the biggest jerks on the show. And Matthew Morrison can suck my dick too because his portrayal of that God awful character is cringe worthy...All those wrinkly, pensive looks he gives to the camera. So, once again Shuester calls people he does not know out completely out of context (what if Emma's mom has OCD too, and she's just in denial?). Basically, he invited them over to dinner and then shouted at them and gave them some self-serving comment like "If my kid had brown hair and OCD I'd still love them" (WOW, YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD PERSON). And Emma is happy that he surprised her with her parents and then yelled at them. What a good guy, only a true man could do that, you know?
Then he has the audacity to pretend to pray with Emma in the most gut-wrenching scene. And then break into some offkey Coldplay.
Fucking shit. This was a good episode, but this is how they want to end it? Wow. That's cool.
This Glee episode was okay, but definitely the worse of the last three.
Glee needs to get their shit together for when they return in November (once again, really?).
More Klaine, less adults, back to basics as they promised. When Quinn and Rachel were the main character. I get they want to give everyone a chance, but in TV shows there needs to be MAIN CHARACTERS and SUPPORT CHARACTERS. We can have this one Mike Chang episode for the whole season, or we could try to have a continuous thread about Rachel. You pick.

See ya'll in November!
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