Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Glee Project--Believability RECAP

We meet again!
This week on The Glee Project, a contest in which ten hopefuls compete for a seven episode guest starring roll on Glee, the task was "Believability."
For their homework assignment, the kids performed True Colors. Personally, I found this to be the weakest of all homework assignments. It's so bad, actually, I can't even remember what happened, just a lot of people being flat.
Jenna UscovoscoIthoughtyouwereAsianwhyisyourlastnamesodifficultvitz, who plays Tina Cohen-Chang on Glee, was there to judge them. She turns out to be super sweet in real life, and Samuel makes sure to clarify that she's actually pretty in person. That's awkward.
Hannah (the one that looks like a tomato) wins the challenge, and is awarded a little extra time with Tina. These prizes are good for the celeb factor, because they never really give good advice.
The music video this week is "Only Exception" by another tomato-led band, Paramore.
It's dreadfully boring, a sepia-toned library scene which consists of close-ups on everyone's face. No one is moving. They are just standing and staring longingly at people in this love pentagon. Exciting.
Hannah looks beautiful with her hair straightened, but she can't focus on her "crush", Alex, because her real crush, Damian, is sitting across from him. That is not a valid excuse. Because your crush is standing there you can't pretend to be in love? Hmmmm. Also, Hannah + Alex? Is she gonna pull a Mercedes/Kurt and "Bust the window out his car"?
Alex is in love with Damian, and he almost touches fingers with him. Sensual. Except not. Apparently his puppy eyed-looks are far superior to Hannah/OMG he's not being flamboyant. I don't quite get how to be flamboyant with your eyes...Oh, wait:
You could have these eyebrows. Read my Project Runway Blog:
Yes I just advertised for myself on my own blog. You have a problem? Anyways, Damian is in love with Lindsay, who delivered a stunning vocal but another fake sob story. Monkey see, monkey do. Lindsay see Marissa and Sam kiss. Lindsay kiss Cameron. Lindsay see Alex cry because he misses his dead dad. Lindsay cry because she misses her home. Fake ain't gonna fly, cuz this is Ryan Murphey, ya'll (damn, did I just do that?). Anyways, Lindsay is either drunk or beligerant (my bets on both) because she is really screwing up her lip sync, is she even singing the right song?. She then looks longingly (ugh, enough with the looks, this is turning into Harry Potter 7 Part 2) ( (Yup, I just did it again) at Samuel who looks sexily at her, and then looks sexily off camera, and then looks sexily at Hannah (who is wearing intense fake lashes) and then just looks sexy in general. Then paper explodes. Wow, that was really sensational....y boring. And that's a wrap!
Now it's time to decide who looked the most longingly. Who looked down and then up, and then smiled and bit their lip, and then looked down again, and then look up and tilted their head the best. God, to execute that, you might actually have to BECOME a regular Lea Michele.
So basically, Alex's sob story saved him, and Damien's accent saved him. He does an Irish jig to that, which makes Samuel look royally pissed.
The bottom three are Lindsay, Hannah, and Samuel, no one having been in that place more than once. Lindsay is singing Maybe This Time, which I ADORE from Cabaret. Samuel is singing Animal, and I literally squealed when I heard this one. What is sexier than Neon Trees sung by Samuel. Yeah, that's right, nothing. Hannah's going to do Back to December. Yawn.
Hannah is first off, and she is remarkably flat the entire time. Ryan Murphey informs her the she's the worst singer, but assures her she's fat, which is relatable, and that makes it okay. She leaves, and I'm sure she's safe. Next up is Lindsay, who muddles up the words to the classic, and then is informed by RM she is fake. Which sucks, because she is adopted. Cue the tears. Awww, Lindsay has come up with her own sob story! Because standing there in front of RM and the other boys really makes her think about how much it sucks to be adopted. God. Send her home. Next is Samuel, who is sexy, but seems to be under the opinion that RM wants him to be a conceited rockstar on Glee. Thus, he plays the roll and says a lot of douche-baggy things before being called unrelatable. Sam quickly doubles back.
RM: "You're unrelatable."
Sam: "I love Jesus. I actually am Cameron."
The results are posted. Personally, I think Lindsay should be sent packing, but instead it's a shocker: To-ma-to!
I think Hannah is very talented but they already kind of have the plus-size funny character in Lauren. Keep holding on, honey!

Next Week: Lindsay cries. Alex is flamboyant. Damian talks with an Irish accent. Sam is sexy.

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