Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teen Mom Episode 5 Recap

Hello fellow people who are obsessed with young slutty teenager's lives!
Here we go again!

Farrah-Farrah's plot this week is her graduation from culinary school. She's baking brownies to study for her final examine. I want to go to culinary school. As her sister puts it "she went to school to learn to be a housewife" Wow her sister is a bitch. Anyways, Farrah's momma convinces her to go above and beyond on her final presentation and include a business plan, which apparently the officials don't like. Farrah has some plan to start a restaurant that is Asian and Italian. I mean...they're both delicious cuisines, but I mean, what would you order? Sushi con Red Sauce sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese and Wasabi? Yum. Also, Farrah's boobs continue to be too big and voice continues to be too annoying. She's lucky that there is Amber for everyone to hate on.
Amber-Amber is a hot mess as always. More people are crying for her because, awww, poor baby is going to jail for abusing someone! Can you BELIEVE Gary got her into this situation? Hearing her trying to justify domestic abuse is actually nauseating and then Gary apologizing over and over again is equally disturbing. Amber has made up some lie about how she doesn't like to leave the house with Leah because she gets made fun of, and therefore she should party all the time and never see her daughter. It's just hard to watch Amber because she is so damn dumb. I mean, she's obviously highly drugged on depression medication, and she never seems to quite be in the right mind. And then does stuff like go out with three, large "childhood friends" who just random reconnect with her. Doesn't she get that people like that are USING her, not to mention that they were all sketchy guys. Amber needs to give that poor baby up for adoption and go check herself into a rehab facility so she can get her life together, because, honestly, watching that white trash implode, knowing that she has attempted suicide and it's only going to get worse, is getting painful.
Maci-Maci's plot line this week is an argument she has with Ryan on where Bentley will be spending Halloween. Bentley's birthday was on Maci's day, so she took him out with Kyle and invited Ryan to come along. Halloween was on Ryan's day, so he was going to take him out with his family and he invited Maci along. God forbid the tables be turned, this turns out into a huge blow-out fight. For once I agree with an especially yawn-y Ryan. He offered Maci the exact same deal she offered him, but she doesn't like it so she steals Bentley away. That was extremely immature on Maci's part, and if I were Ryan I would go to court over that, because what she did was not okay. I don't know if Maci makes good decisions. She is dating Dumb (Ryan) and Dumber (Kyle) and she doesn't get that Kyle really isn't that into her. I mean, once again, people that randomly come back into these Teen Mom's lives because they are stars now. I see no romance between her and Kyle, and honestly, what is appealing about Kyle's personality? He doesn't have one. Maci is settling. Meanwhile, Ryan is obviously in love with her. You can tell when she drops off Bentley, the way he can't look at her and he immediately gets defensive, and how he yawns when he can't think of what to say. Maci can do better than both those lugs of meat, get it together, once again!
Caitlyn-Caitlyn and Tyler are on a job hunt. Tyler continues to be the nicest, cutest guy in the world, answering a mustached Italian pizza owner on why he wants to work there with: "'CUZ I LOVE PIZZA!" I'm very glad that the two of them got jobs, and honestly living on their own seemed like a bad idea to me at first, but it's not like they are getting any encouragement at home. And how precious was Caitlyn disciplining their little brother, she was so good at it! These two kids are the only ones with good heads on their shoulder. Compare Carly's life to Leah's. I really hope that Caitlyn and Tyler have enough time for schoolwork with these new jobs, graduate, and go to college, because that is one opportunity they would have never gotten had the show not come along.

Next week looks to custody battles, CSA battles, Mother-Daughter battles, and just more drama in general. Can't wait!

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